2 Dec

Dear Nicosai,

Ang puso ko ay tuwang-tuwa at tawang-tawa. Tuwang-tuwa dahil sa wakas pasado ka na at pwede ng kulitin ulit. Tawang-tawa dahil may utang kang libre kapag makauwi ako ng Pinas! Yehey! Sabi nga ng LIBRE ng LRT, “the best things in life are libre.” Pero kung tutuusin, ang best things in life ay yung pinaghirapan mo tlaga at hindi ka naman binigo sa kinalabasan. Tiningnan ko talaga agad yung top ten list e hahaha. Pero ok lang yan, sa amin ikaw ang number 1! Ayiiihhiii ang cheesy lol!XD Masaya talaga and buong pamilya namin para sayo. O dba close din sila sayo? Lol.XD Ngayong Engineer ka na mas marami ka ng matutulungan at mas kaabot-abot na ang bucket list mo.

Congratulations Engineer Nico Simon Lopez!:)

Love, Faith 🙂



11 Oct

I just don’t get it. I’m not saying that I don’t do it (coz hello everybody does it!) but I think its one exciting, confusing, and tiring process.  What happened to just saying straight-out, “hey I like you!”? It would be easier but then there’s no thrill. But things would be way easier and clearer.

I was eating chow mein earlier and thinking about this guy that I don’t know what to do about when suddenly I saw the “how to use the chopsticks” guide at the back of the chopstick  wrapper:

Step 3: Hold first chopstick in original position, move the second one up and down, now you can pick up anything.

And my preoccupied mind suddenly came up with this one:

Flirting guide step 3: Put one foot forward and one arm on the hips and hold the body in this position, move eyelashes up and down and flip your hair, now you can pick up anything!:)

Hahahaha why in the world am I thinking of this one? Aaarrrggghhh I’ve gone cuckoo!O_o

I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and that novel is just talking to me. Here’s an example:

“It may perhaps be pleasant,” replied Charlotte, ” to be able to impose on the public in such a case; but it is sometimes a disadvantage to be very so guarded. if a woman conceals her affection with the same skill from the object of it, she may lose the opportunity of fixing him; and it will then be but poor consolation to believe the world equally in the dark…Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like if she does not help him on.” — Charlotte Lucas to Elizabeth Bennet

Hahahaha…thanks for the good advice.:)

The mini fame effect

26 Aug
tin wanted a solo pic with my sheldon cooper but hope just couldn’t resist messing with him.:)


Note to reader (hello? Is anybody reading my nonsense?): I am not bragging at all. I am merely amused and bemused with the chain of events that happened tonight. If I sound like it then it is purely coincidental. If you think I am, well I say what the heck because I do have bragging rights. Again, I’m just happy.:) 

Weird event no.1: As I was driving out of the parking lot after work I saw this man, maybe in his 50’s, waiting to cross the street. Being the good driver that I am (not bragging…merely stating a fact nyahahaha) I stopped my car and gave way for him to cross. When he reached the other side he turned back to me and said, “nice car by the way! My wife loves that car and I adore it. She wants an automatic but I want the stick shift ‘coz it adds 50 more horsepower to it! She tells me, ‘ain’t gonna happen honey.’ Hahahaha. That’s still a nice car!” I wasn’t able to think of any smart comeback so I just said, “thank you sir have a good night!” and then drove away. People here are so random. 

Weird event no.2: While waiting for the light at the intersection I noticed this Scooby-doo Volkswagen van beside me and found its driver, a girl wearing this weird chicken costume like it was Halloween already, obviously ogling at my car. So I smiled at her and then I turned my face towards the road again because I didn’t know what to do. A flash suddenly came on and I knew that she either took a picture of me or my car…whichever looks better nyahahaha. So I look at her again and found her smiling and at me with an oops-i-got-caught expression. What an awkward moment. 

Weird event no.3: While waiting for the light again and looking at the other cars passing by I saw this woman looking at me or maybe at my car…whichever looks better again. As they passed she even craned her neck and looked back to get a better view. By this point I was feeling famous already nyahahaha. 

I am used to my relatives asking me to take their pictures beside or inside my car. I am used to them even asking to take it for a spin. I am used to strangers (in this case Hope’s friends) taking a class picture with my car at the center. I am used to my dad borrowing my car whenever he’s going out with friends or with my mom. I am used to people ogling at my car and doing a double-take just to get a better look. My car is just like any other mini cooper and here in America there is no shortage of that in the road. It’s not even a convertible; it’s not even the sports series or the clubman series but just a simple hardtop mini. That’s why whenever these things happen I am amused and bemused. Firstly, I never thought I’d be able to go to America, most of all live here. Secondly, I never thought I’d have such a nice ride. Thirdly, I never thought I’d get to experience all this things ever! EVER! The mini fame effect reminds me that I have an awesome car, more awesome parents, and most awesome blessings ever. Thank you Lord! Hahahaha!:) 

PS Lord. Just keep it coming.:)

family reunion

15 Aug

went to the hearst castle. no time to tour the castle though so we just took pictures outside.:p

I’ve been uprooted from my room, forced to sleep on the floor of our living room, suffered a stiff neck from an unfamiliar and very uncomfortable pillow, and waked up freezing underneath a flimsy blanket every morning for the past three weeks. Do I complain? NO. Because I know that on the airbed with me is my sister and my two cousins; in the family room on another airbed is my aunt, her family, and my first nephew from New York; in my room is my uncle and his family from the Philippines; in my brother’s room is my aunt and her family from Canada; and in my parents’ room is my seventy-six year-old aunty lola who never thought she’ll be back in the US again after more than a decade. A total of sixteen people in a house built for only five people. Every nook, cranny, carpet, and sofa occupied with people…my family. I can say I am happily squished in my own little “me-space” on our own little airbed.

This month with them felt like I’ve been living in big brother’s house— the show where they put people from different backgrounds, nationality, and personality in one house to see how they react. The result is chaos, pretty much the same in our house now. The single fact that we are a family doesn’t make us immune to the other facts that we have different religions, cultures, attitudes, views on things, and length of time spent in the bathroom. You can expect anything but a smooth ride in every family reunion. The beauty of a family is that it is non-negotiable, non-transferrable, no refunds, all sales are final. You’re stuck with what you got. Friends can come and go, boyfriends can be changed, but you’re family is what you have forever and ever and ever and ever. We all just have to learn how to cope and like each other. At times it can be really ugly but the good parts always outweigh the bad ones.

Now that it is almost over, the house is quieter and more peaceful than what it was; I can look back and reflect on what we’ve been through. I can happily say that we came from a good stock. I thank my lolo and lola, may they rest in peace, for bringing up our parents as they are for without them we are nothing as well. I miss you guys already and I am looking forward and very much excited for the next family bonding time.:)

It’s like…you know.:)

4 May

You get what I mean?

No matter how good a speaker you are there just comes a time when you’re left speechless. You’re whole thought process gets blocked and suddenly you find yourself unable to continue. You fumble with words, still trying to sound intelligent, but the only sound that comes out of your mouth is “um, err, aah, hahaha…you get what I mean? “ That didn’t sound very intelligent at all. Despite the embarrassment you push through because in the end you just want to be understood.

But to others speaking like that is normal. I find it very irksome when I hear people talk with lots of umm, like, err, which eventually distracts me from what their trying to say. All I can hear are the “thought-substitutes” (what do you call them anyway?) and by that point I’m lost from the whole conversation. I start counting the um, like, err, to amuse myself instead.

Here in America teenagers’ favorite is the thought-substitute “like.” “So I went to the mall like yesterday and I saw a hot guy walking. I was like what the heck he’s so sexy! And I’m like oh my gosh do I look awesome?” It seems the more the merrier.:) The adults have caught the silliness as well. Their favorite is the thought-substitute “you get what I mean” or “you know.” “I wanted to eat rice but we only had pasta so I just ate the pasta. I had no choice you get what I mean?” No matter how simple the conversation is they can’t help but ask for confirmation if the other person understood them. I can hear Manny Pacquiao talking in the background saying his line, “Vit Water, now you know.”

And I still don’t get it. This ridiculousness is infectious.XD

My late grandfather, a well-known judge and public speaker in our province, used to chastise his children regarding the use of thought-substitutes. It is nonsense, sounds unintelligent, confusing and annoying so why use it? It may be the trend but I’ll try my best not to go with the flow lolo.

You get what I mean?:)


13 Apr

this song is for you though i know that you don’t know that this is for you. hahaha. if u think you’re this person, no you’re not. wag kng magfeeling.:)

x o x o x o x o x o x

Maybe by Ingrid Michaelson

I don’t want to be the one to say goodbye
But I will, I will, I will
I don’t want to sit on the pavement while you fly
But I will, I will, oh yes I will

 Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back around
Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back
The only way to really know is to really let it go
Maybe you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back to me

I don’t want to be the first to let it go
But I know, I know, I know
If you have the last hands that I want to hold
Then I know I’ve got to let them go

Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back around
Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back
The only way to really know is to really let it go
Maybe you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back

I still feel you on the right side of the bed
And I still feel you in the blankets pulled over my head
But I’m gonna wash away,
Oh I’m gonna wash away everything til you come home to me

Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back
In the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back

Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back around
Maybe in the future, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back
The only way to really know is to really let it go

Maybe you’re gonna come back, you’re gonna come back,
You’re gonna come back to me
You’re gonna come back to me
You’re gonna come back to me

UK#1: Beauty

4 Apr

UK=usapang kotse. Mga usapang nagaganap sa loob ng kotse dhl wla kang mgawa sa buong byahe kundi kulitin at daldalin nlng ang mga kasama mo. Minsan importante, madalas puro tsismis, pero lhat sila kung pag-iisipan mo e may kabuluhan nmn. Hindi nasayang ang oras mo dhl may natutunan ka nmn.

x o x o x o x o x o

Hindi ko alam kung paano napunta ang usapan naming ni mami sa beauty. Hahaha. Pero madalas tlga si mami ay npaka random. Gnun dn sya kung mgbigay papuri sa akn…random. Kaya nung araw n yun naisipan nyang sabihin sa akn na minsan daw tinititigan nila ako ni dadi at sasabihing, “ang ganda ni ate ano?” LOL.:) bwahahahaha!:) sa dinami dami ng adjective napaka dalang ko lng sabihin yn kpag patungkol sa sarili ko. Oo cute ako.:) Pero ang maganda…hahaha d ako sigurado dyn. Ang maganda sa amin si hope. Yan sigurado ako at proud ako dyn.:) sbi ni mami si hope daw yung tisay na beauty. Tipong unang tingin palang masasabi mo nang mganda. Ako daw prang classic beauty (meh gnun??? May classic beauty bng hindi maputi? LOL). Tipong mapapansin mo lng daw kapag tiningnan mo ult. Nung mga oras na yun naisip ko agad, “a face only a mother can love.” Hahahah!:) Bka kulang lng sa tulog si mami.:)

Ngayong lumipas na yun at napag-isipan ko na ng ilang araw ang sinabi ni mami e bgla akong nahiya sa sarili ko. Bakit ko nmn minamaliit ang sarili ko. Asan n ang self-esteem ko? May tao bng panget? Pra mo n rin sinabing panget ang Diyos! Pero d nyo nmn ako masisi at ang sangkatutak na babaeng na-iinscure din pag dating sa itsura nila DAHIL MISMONG LIPUNAN NATIN ANG NAGSASABING HINDI TAYO GNUN KAGANDA. Ang ebidensya ay nasa paligid ntn. Sa mga billboards, commercials, magazines, tv— lhat sila iisa lng ang sinasabi: ang maganda ay yung maputi, mapayat, sexy, mahaba at makintab ang buhok, matangos ang ilong, maputi ang ngipin, mahahaba ang pilikmata, wrinkle-free, balat-free, mole-free, at stretch mark-free. Kung ganun e di mga mannequin lng pla ang maganda. LOL.:) Sa madaling salita ang kagandahan ay makikita lng sa oonting tao at ang nakararami ay mga taong “salat” nito. Ito raw ang “tunay na kagandahan.” Kya pla nauso ang plastic surgery, anti-aging creams, concealers, eyelash extensions, anorexia, diet pills, at kung ano png anik-anik: Para lhat ng “salat” na nakararami ay magkamit din ng “tunay na kagandahan.” KALOKOHAN.

Naawa ako sa sarili ko at sa mga babaeng tulad ko: mga batang pilit na ginagaya ang itsura ni Barbie o ni Taylor Swift, mga teenager na d n kumakain at pilit na sumusuka pra lng mangayayat, mga young adults na nasubukan na lhat ng klase ng diet, mga adult na nadagdagan ang wrinkles kakaproblema sa wrinkle sa noo, mga lolang paulit-ulit ng nagpapa face-lift, etc. etc. etc. Lhat ng babae naging biktima, kahit minsan sa buhay nila, ng sinungaling ntng lipunan. Wag kang pumayag na mabuhay sa kasinungalingan. Panahon na pra baguhin ntn ang pagtingin ntn sa sarili ntn at matutong mahalin kung ano ang nakikita ntn. Dahil ang tunay na kagandahan ay hindi nakikita sa salamin kundi sa puso at kaluluwa ng bawat tao.


Walang panget na tao. Meron lng panget na ugali. Maganda ako at maganda tayong lhat!:)